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$30,000 Verdict in Excessive Force Case

June 12, 2024

The Law Office of Jordan Marsh Wins $30,000 Verdict in Excessive Force Case Involving Illinois Department of Corrections

Chicago, IL, 6/11/24 — The Law Office of Jordan Marsh is pleased to announce a successful verdict in a federal trial involving a claim of excessive force against an Illinois Department of Corrections food supervisor. A federal jury in Springfield, Illinois awarded the firm’s client $30,000 in damages, recognizing the severity of the misconduct that occurred on September 20, 2019.

The incident involved Dean Wessels, a food supervisor at the Illinois Department of Corrections, who was accused of smashing the plaintiff’s head into a steel gate in retaliation for reporting health violations—specifically, the serving of cereal contaminated with mouse feces to inmates. Despite Wessels’ denial of any physical contact with the plaintiff, the jury found credible evidence of excessive force, awarding $10,000 in compensatory damages and $20,000 in punitive damages.

Jordan Marsh, the lead attorney on the case, emphasized the importance of this verdict: “This case was about more than just seeking damages; it was about holding individuals accountable for their actions and ensuring that our correctional facilities adhere to standards of decency and respect. The jury’s decision sends a clear message about the consequences of violating those standards.”

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