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Tips for Successful Deposition or Trial Testimony
July 02, 2022

You may be a party to a lawsuit (or a criminal case). Or, you may be a witness who has […]

Former therapist falsely accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year old boy sues North Las Vegas Detective, City of North Las Vegas
June 04, 2022

Press Release For Immediate Distribution On May 23, 2022, the Law Office of Jordan Marsh filed a lawsuit on behalf […]

Oak Park resident sues Village, police officer, for excessive force and unlawful detention
June 04, 2022
Law Office of Jordan Marsh
June 04, 2022

Parents sue Evanston school and police officials for detaining and questioning their children without parental consent and without probable cause to believe they had committed any crimes.

Harvey Police Stop Security Guard’s Excessive Force in its Tracks
February 05, 2021

Recently, Harvey police arrested a security guard who sucker-punched a handcuffed suspect. When officers (and security guards) use excessive force, […]

What is Excessive Force by Police in Chicago?
February 01, 2021

Excessive force is no joke. Excessive force can range from a shove to a bullet. When police officers use excessive […]

Silence is Golden: Your Right to Remain Silent
January 05, 2021

The right to remain silent when being questioned by the police is a crucial part of our freedom. It offers […]

When Can Police Search You or Your Property?
December 30, 2020

The U.S. Constitution provides us with legal protections that limit a police officer’s ability to search us or our property. […]

What is Probable Cause for the Police to Arrest in Chicago?
December 10, 2020

You may have heard about the police wrongly arresting someone because they lacked “probable cause.” Or maybe you’ve heard about […]

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