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Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

The times you need a lawyer can be among the toughest times of your life. This is when you need someone with a combination of experience, talent, and the commitment to getting you the best possible result under the law. It also helps to have someone who’s been in your shoes. Nearly 20 years ago, Jordan was returning home from a late night at the office, when his taxi was involved in a violent collision with another car. The accident had long-term effects on Jordan’s health. He was able to retain a good attorney and was ultimately compensated for his injuries, but he’ll never forget that night in the emergency room, or his months of painful recovery. Nor will he ever forget how crucial it was for him to find an experienced trial attorney to take his case. This is what drives Jordan today in his quest to provide top-notch representation for those who can’t afford anything less.

It can be a dangerous world out there, especially with the proliferation of mobile devices and distractions built in to every car, not to mention the increasing numbers of bicyclists sharing the roadways with cars and trucks. Moreover, the auto insurance industry grows more sophisticated every day in seeking to minimize their losses and increase their profits. This is why even “do it yourself” people are strongly urged to seek advice from an attorney before attempting to negotiate with insurance companies.

Want a good settlement? Get a great trial lawyer. Want someone to fight for you? Get a great trial lawyer. Want a great trial lawyer? Get Jordan Marsh.

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