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$453,000 Jury Verdict in Case Against City of Chicago

June 12, 2024

The Law Office of Jordan Marsh Achieves $453,000 Jury Verdict in Case Against City of Chicago for Aggravation of Pre-Existing Condition

Chicago, IL, 6/11/24 — The Law Office of Jordan Marsh successfully secured a $453,000 jury verdict for a client whose pre-existing lower back pain was severely aggravated following a collision with a Chicago police SUV on September 10, 2020. Following the crash, our client required two subsequent back surgeries.

This case was particularly complex due to the involvement of the City of Chicago and the contentious dispute over the cause of the client’s medical needs following the accident. Despite the city’s efforts, which included the testimony of a retained expert who claimed the surgeries were unrelated to the accident, the jury sided with the plaintiff. Both treating surgeons provided compelling testimony that the accident was a contributing factor to the necessity for surgical intervention.

Jordan Marsh, founder of The Law Office of Jordan Marsh and lead counsel on the case, emphasized the importance of rigorous legal representation and expert testimony in achieving justice. “This verdict not only provides significant financial relief to our client but also reaffirms the importance of holding public entities accountable,” said Marsh. “We are committed to advocating for those injured due to the negligence of others, ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve.”

About Jordan Marsh:

Jordan Marsh is an acclaimed litigator with extensive experience in high-stakes litigation. His advocacy for fair and accessible legal representation has made significant impacts on the legal community and the lives of countless individuals he has represented.

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