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Lawsuit Filed: Teacher Mocks Special Education Student For Crying

February 11, 2024

Our law office is representing a family in a lawsuit against the University of Chicago Charter School after a disturbing incident where a special education student was mocked by a teacher and a classroom aide. This unacceptable behavior, captured on video in December 2022, has led to a misdemeanor battery conviction for the aide involved.

We are deeply committed to advocating for the rights and dignity of all students, especially those who are most vulnerable. This case underscores the critical need for schools to uphold their duty of care towards their students, ensuring a safe and supportive environment that fosters respect and understanding.

The lawsuit we have filed challenges the University of Chicago’s charter system on several grounds, including negligent hiring, training, supervision, and retention of employees. Our goal is not only to seek justice for our client but also to prompt systemic changes within the school system to prevent such unacceptable incidents from occurring in the future.

We believe that educational institutions must be sanctuaries of learning where every child, regardless of their needs, is treated with compassion and respect. This case is a stark reminder of the work that still needs to be done to ensure that our schools are safe for every student. We are determined to see this case through to the end, advocating tirelessly for our client and for the principles of justice and equality that guide our work.

Our goal is clear: to seek justice for our client and enforce changes that ensure no student faces such mistreatment again. Schools must be places of safety and respect, and we are committed to fighting for these principles.

For more details on this case, refer to Stacy St. Clair’s report in the Chicago Tribune. (if you’re not a subscriber, you can access a PDF of the article here). We promise to keep fighting for our client’s rights and for a better, more inclusive educational system.

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